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CIS: GDP, Manufacturing, Inflation

03 November 2004 12:04

The Russian Federation was 8th in terms of GDP growth (6.9 percent) among the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States in January-September 2004 compared with the same period last year, the Intergovernmental Statistics Committee of the CIS reported. In January-June, Russia was 6th in GDP growth.

The highest GDP growth in January-September was reported in Ukraine (13.4 percent). It was followed by Tajikistan (12.6 percent), Belarus (10.8 percent), Armenia (10.2 percent), Azerbaijan (9.9 percent), Georgia (8.4 percent), Kyrgyzstan (7 percent).


Manufacturing grew by an average of 8 percent in the countries of the CIS in the first nine months of 2004. In Russia, manufacturing growth was 6.5 percent compared with Jan.-Sept. 2003. The Russian Federation was 8th among the CIS states in terms of manufacturing growth.

The highest industrial growth was reported in Tajikistan (16 percent). It is followed by Belarus (15.7 percent), Ukraine (14.4 percent), Kazakhstan (10.3 percent), Kyrgyzstan (9.2 percent), Moldova (7.9 percent), Azerbaijan (5.1 percent), Georgia (4.9 percent), Armenia (1.6 percent).


The average inflation rate in the CIS countries was 10 percent in Jan.-Sept. 2004. The highest inflation rate was reported in Belarus (19.5 percent), the lowest - in Kyrgyzstan (4.6 percent). In Russia, inflation was 10.6 percent.

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