О белорусских национальных символах

за красно зеленый гранты не дают!

Building on the Momentum of Local Elections to Strengthen Citizen Outreach
To assist democratic political parties to sustain their electoral outreach following the 2014 local elections in Belarus by supporting efforts to reconnect with citizens and supporters contacted during the election. The organization would promote a more systematic and sustainable approach to outreach by assisting parties to track results in a constituent relations database and integrate post-election outreach activities into each party’s workplan with concrete contact targets.

Engaging Citizens to Foster Free and Fair Elections
To promote free, fair and transparent elections. The organization will recruit, train and deploy volunteers throughout the country to observe the March 2014 local elections.

Engaging Citizens and New Civic Activists
To inform, educate and engage citizens. On behalf of a coalition of civic initiatives, the organization will convene a series of public hearings to inform citizens about pressing political, economic and social issues ahead of the 2015 presidential election. The results of the hearings will be disseminated through a bulletin and a website.

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