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Cябры, трэба разаслаць лiсты мiжнародным арганiзацыям i ў прэсу. я накiдала прыклад лiста, калi ласка карыстайцеся, калi нешта падабаецца. feeback канешне ж welcome.
куды можна дасылаць лiсты i здымкi:

nfo**@** (Amnesty International) (прэзыдэнства ЕЗ зараз у Аустрыi, мiнiстарку замежных справаў завуць Ursula Plassnik)
i g.d.

To whom it may concern:

Belarusian people need your help. The 45,000 people peacuful demonstration in Minsk has been crashed with severe force, gas,and bombs. What is happening in Belarus now SHOULD NOT happen in the 21st century!

Imposing sanctions on Belarusian authorities is not enough: Belarus has lived in isolation from the civilized world for many years, thus no sanctions would scare the hungryfor-power Belarusian officials. As long as the current dictatorial government of Belarus is backed up by Russia, we cannot expect any changes. We need help of international community to influence Russia stop its long-term ally Lukashenko from eradicating the best and smartest of Belarus people in his quest for power.

We ask you to publish these pictures from the streets of Minsk, which show Belarusian police will not stop its fight with the opponents of the regime, be it a woman, a child, or a priest.


(your name)

p.s. прабачце, што сёньня не з Вамi
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