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ICQ: Change flag and spelling for Belarus!

As we know, ICQ uses Lukashenka's version of the Belarusian flag. Moreover, the world 'Belarusian' is spelt as 'Belorussian'

Let's see what people want: whether to stay with the communist flag
and 'Belarussian', or to change it to the legitimate (white-red-white
striped) flag and 'Belarusian'.
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Як мы ведаем, ICQ выкарыстоўвае лукашэнкаўскі сьцяг і няправільную
форму напісаньня слова "беларускі". Галасуйма, шаноўнае спадарства!

Галасуем за
White-Red-White and 'Belarusian'

Раскідайце ў аські.
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