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Visa & OVIR

Dear friends,
I have a "legal" question for you...

During the first week of July I will visit Belarus. It's not the first time I visit your country but I have always slept in Hotels so have never had the "problem" of registering.
When I had to apply for a visa (I'm Italian) it was impossible for me to reach my friend in Belarus so I had to book a room in a hotel and apply for a tourism visa. Now we have decided to sleep at a friend of her's house and I will have to register at the OVIR by myself (of course with their help). The problem is that I have an invitation from a hotel but I'm going to sleep in a private house. Some colleagues of mine and some other Italian people told me that there's no problem if the actual place of stay isn't the same as in the invitation, but someone else told me that there could be problems. Do any of you know something more exact about this matter?

Thank you in advance!


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